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Monitoring The Nice Salt Lake’s Shrinkage Utilizing Satellite tv for pc Photographs (Python) | by Mahyar Aboutalebi, Ph.D. 🎓 | Feb, 2024

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Analyzing Landsat-8 imagery (2014–2023) to create the time sequence of Nice Salt Lake floor space utilizing Python in Google Colab

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Timelapse of the Nice Salt Lake space, based mostly on cloud-free Landsat-8 photographs from 2014 to 2023, visualized by the creator
  1. 🌅 Introduction to the Nice Salt Lake Shrinkage Downside
  2. 💾 Downloading Landsat-8 Photographs
  3. 📈 Time Sequence of the Nice Salt Lake Space from the Statistic File
  4. ⚙️ Processing Landsat-8 Photographs
  5. 🗺️ Visualization of the Nice Salt Lake Photographs
  6. 🎥 Timelapse of the Nice Salt Lake’s Shrinkage
  7. 📉 Time Sequence of the Nice Salt Lake Space from the Labeled Photographs
  8. ⚖️ Evaluating Timeseries from the Statistics File and Photographs
  9. 📄 Conclusion
  10. 📚 References

🌅 Introduction to the Nice Salt Lake Shrinkage Downside

The Nice Salt Lake in Utah, USA, is experiencing long-term shrinkage. In keeping with a number of studies, the lake has shrunk by greater than 30% in comparison with its most measurement in 1986. A number of causes have been talked about for the declining water degree on this lake, together with local weather change and water division for agriculture.

In regards to the local weather change issue, it’s reported that precipitation patterns have altered, and temperatures have risen, each contributing to diminished snowpack and diminished inflows into the lake.

Relating to the second purpose, each city and agricultural areas have been expanded up to now years. The growing demand in each city and agricultural sectors has additional contributed to declining water ranges.

The long-term decline has penalties for the ecosystem, significantly on air and water high quality. The publicity of lakebed areas will increase dangers to air and water high quality by releasing mud and salts.

Because the state of affairs is dynamic, and there are ongoing discussions about monitoring declining water ranges, I made a decision to put in writing this submit to exhibit how we will use satellite tv for pc photographs to observe the modifications within the lake’s floor space…

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