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ChatGPT Is Not a Physician. Hidden risks in looking for medical… | by Rachel Draelos, MD, PhD | Feb, 2024

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Hidden risks in looking for medical recommendation from LLMs

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Final 12 months, ChatGPT handed the US Medical Licensing Examination and was reported to be “extra empathetic” than actual docs. ChatGPT at present has round 180 million customers; if a mere 10% of them have requested ChatGPT a medical query, that’s already a inhabitants two occasions bigger than New York Metropolis utilizing ChatGPT like a physician. There’s an ongoing explosion of medical chatbot startups constructing skinny wrappers round ChatGPT to dole out medical recommendation. However ChatGPT will not be a physician, and utilizing ChatGPT for medical recommendation will not be solely in opposition to OpenAI’s Utilization insurance policies, it may be harmful.

On this article, I establish 4 key issues with utilizing present general-purpose chatbots to reply patient-posed medical questions. I present examples of every drawback utilizing actual conversations with ChatGPT. I additionally clarify why constructing a chatbot that may safely reply patient-posed questions is totally totally different than constructing a chatbot that may reply USMLE questions. Lastly, I describe steps that everybody can take — sufferers, entrepreneurs, docs, and corporations like OpenAI — to make chatbots medically safer.


For readability I exploit the time period “ChatGPT,” however the article applies to all publicly accessible general-purpose massive language fashions (LLMs), together with ChatGPT, GPT-4, Llama2, Gemini, and others. Just a few LLMs particularly designed for drugs do exist, like Med-PaLM; this text will not be about these fashions. I’m centered right here on on general-purpose chatbots as a result of (a) they’ve essentially the most customers; (b) they’re straightforward to entry; and (c) many sufferers are already utilizing them for medical recommendation.

Within the chats with ChatGPT, I present verbatim quotes of ChatGPT’s response, with ellipses […] to point materials that was overlooked for brevity. I by no means overlooked something that will’ve modified my evaluation of ChatGPT’s response. For completeness, the complete chat transcripts are supplied in a Phrase doc connected to the tip of this text. The phrases “Affected person:” and “ChatGPT:” are dialogue tags and have been added afterwards for readability. These dialogue tags weren’t a part of the prompts or responses.

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