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Bitcoin Journal Editorial Coverage On Bitcoin Layer 2s (L2s)

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Bitcoin script, it appears, has been sorely underestimated.

Following the discharge of the Ordinals protocol and BitVM white paper in 2023, conceptions are shifting about what is feasible on the Bitcoin base layer, and it’s clear Bitcoin is now absorbing demand from different blockchains within the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem.

After all, builders have harbored aspirations so as to add extra options to Bitcoin for the reason that earliest days of the protocol’s 15-year historical past. From early sidechains like Liquid and Rootstock to the L2s of tomorrow, Bitcoin Journal has all the time lined respectable scaling initiatives.

Nevertheless, there are a brand new wave of imitators looking for to reap the benefits of these developments so as to market arbitrary crypto tokens. Amidst this Bitcoin L2 gold rush, Bitcoin Journal’s Editorial Board believes it’s essential to make clear its place on L2 protection.

To be eligible for protection, a Bitcoin L2 should:

  • Use bitcoin as its native asset: The L2 should be foundationally designed to make use of bitcoin as its major token or unit of account, and the mechanism for paying charges for the system. If it has a token, it should be backed by bitcoin.
  • Use Bitcoin as a settlement mechanism to implement transactions: Customers of the L2 should be able to exiting the system by a mechanism that returns unilateral management of their funds on Layer 1.
  • Show a useful dependence on Bitcoin: If Bitcoin had been to expertise a complete failure, and the system in query had been to stay operational, then it’s our place that that system shouldn’t be a Layer 2 of Bitcoin.

Protocols constructed on Bitcoin that don’t match into the class of Layer 2, however that also could also be eligible for protection embody:

  • Meta Protocols: Techniques like Counterparty (XCP) or Ordinals, protocols exterior of the bounds of the Bitcoin protocol, and exist and performance on Bitcoin Layer 1, however wouldn’t have their very own separate blockchains. Bitcoin Journal has traditionally lined information and occasions associated to such protocols, and can proceed to take action.
  • ‘Parasite’ Layers: These programs depend upon Bitcoin to exist, and can’t perform independently with out Bitcoin, however don’t fulfill the opposite standards required to be thought of a Layer 2. Bitcoin Journal doesn’t cowl these protocols at the moment.

This coverage clarification doesn’t apply to our stablecoin or tokens protection selections.

Additional, it pertains solely to BitcoinMagazine.com and its Print publication, and doesn’t characterize insurance policies enforced by The Bitcoin Convention, Uncommon BTC or UTXO Administration, the institutional fund owned and operated by BTC Inc, and which can have publicity to Bitcoin-based L2s. 

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