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Repair the "AttributeError: module object has no attribute 'Serial'" Error in Python

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Even when you’re a seasoned Python developer, you will sometimes encounter errors that may be fairly complicated. One such error is the AttributeError: module object has no attribute 'Serial'. This Byte will assist you to perceive and resolve this subject.

Understanding the AttributeError

The AttributeError in Python is raised once you attempt to entry or name an attribute {that a} module, class, or occasion doesn’t have. Particularly, the error AttributeError: module object has no attribute 'Serial' suggests that you simply’re making an attempt to entry the Serial attribute from a module that does not possess it.

As an illustration, if in case you have a module named serial and also you’re making an attempt to make use of the Serial attribute from it, you may encounter this error. Here is an instance:

import serial

ser = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyUSB0')  # This line causes the error

On this case, the serial module you are importing does not have the Serial attribute, therefore the AttributeError.

Notice: It is essential to grasp that Python is case-sensitive. Serial and serial aren’t the identical. If the attribute exists however you are utilizing the improper case, you will additionally encounter an AttributeError.

Fixes for the Error

The excellent news is that this error is often a fairly straightforward repair, even when it appears very complicated at first. Let’s discover a number of the options.

Set up the Appropriate pyserial Module

One of the widespread causes for this error is the inaccurate set up of the pyserial module. The Serial attribute is part of the pyserial module, which is used for serial communication in Python.

You might need put in a module named serial as a substitute of pyserial (that is extra widespread than you suppose!). To repair this, you might want to uninstall the inaccurate module and set up the proper one.

$ pip uninstall serial
$ pip set up pyserial

After operating these instructions, your subject could also be resolved. Now you may import Serial from pyserial and use it in your code:

from pyserial import Serial

ser = Serial('/dev/ttyUSB0')  # This line now not causes an error

If this did not repair the error, maintain studying.

Rename your File

For the way a lot Python I’ve written in my profession, you’d suppose that I would not make this straightforward mistake as a lot as I do…

One other risk is that the Python interpreter will get confused when there is a file in your venture listing with the identical identify as a module you are making an attempt to import. That is one other widespread supply of the AttributeError error.

To illustrate, as an illustration, you’ve a file named in your venture listing (or possibly your script itself is called If you attempt to import serial, Python may import your file as a substitute of the pyserial module, resulting in the AttributeError.

The answer right here is easy – rename your file to one thing else.

$ mv


On this Byte, we have explored two widespread causes of the AttributeError: module object has no attribute 'Serial' error in Python: putting in the improper pyserial module, and having a file in your venture listing that shares a reputation with a module you are making an attempt to import. By putting in the proper module or renaming conflicting recordsdata, it’s best to be capable to remove this error.

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