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The way to Speak About Knowledge and Evaluation to Non-Knowledge Folks | by Michal Szudejko | Sep, 2023

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In my current articles, I famous {that a} important problem for a lot of corporations in the present day is the huge quantity of obtainable knowledge and their restricted means to make use of it successfully in decision-making. The core of this drawback is especially human-driven. Due to this fact, there’s a urgent must construct knowledge literacy. If corporations genuinely aspire to learn from even a fraction of the information on the market, they need to elevate their general competence with numbers.

88% of our potential audiences might wrestle to learn numbers, charts, or computations.

Based mostly on a worldwide literacy research, merely 12% of adults worldwide are numerically literate. In idea it implies that 88% of our potential audiences might wrestle to learn numbers, charts, or computations.¹ That starkly contrasts the world’s literacy fee, which is at the moment over 86%.²

Remarkably, many societies overlook this concern. What’s extra, quite a few people take delight of their innumeracy.³ Have you ever ever heard excuses like:

  • I’m not a numbers individual.
  • Statistics have by no means intrigued me.
  • Physics looks as if sorcery to me.

Or the “final” one:

  • I’m extra of a humanist.

Usually, it isn’t a matter of missing means however as an alternative not having the correct instruments. Take into account this situation:

We’re trying to cross the road. We observe site visitors approaching from each instructions. We should choose if there’s ample time for us to cross safely. And that automobile within the distance? How shortly is it shifting? Is its velocity rising? Lowering? Has the driving force seen us?

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In actuality, crossing the road presents a fancy likelihood problem. But, we navigate it every day, usually a number of instances, and normally get it proper.⁴

That’s simply scratching the floor.

Take into consideration driving a automobile at 60 mph. What number of elements come into play? When…

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