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Serializing to JSON in jQuery

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When working with net purposes, it’s normal to wish to ship or obtain knowledge from a server. This knowledge is commonly within the type of a JSON object. On this Byte, we’ll discover find out how to serialize knowledge to JSON format utilizing jQuery, a preferred JavaScript library.

Why Serialize for AJAX?

We are able to ship and obtain knowledge asynchronously (within the background), net purposes utilizing AJAX, which may work together with a server after the web page has loaded and thus replace it dynamically with out reloading the entire web page.

To ship knowledge to the server, AJAX wants it in a format it will possibly perceive. For this reason we have to serialize our knowledge. Serialization is once we convert a JS object right into a string, which we will then use later to be restored. JSON is a light-weight data-interchange format that’s simple for us to learn and write and simple for machines to parse and generate. Due to this, it is some of the common codecs to change knowledge on the net.

Find out how to Serialize to JSON

Serializing to JSON is easy due to the JSON.stringify() perform. This perform takes a JavaScript worth, usually an object or array, and transforms it right into a JSON string.

Here is a primary instance:

let worker = {
    title: "John Doe",
    age: 30,
    division: "HR"

let jsonStr = JSON.stringify(worker);


    kind: "POST",
    url: "/api/worker",
    knowledge: jsonStr,
    // ...

It will output:

'{"title":"John Doe","age":30,"division":"HR"}'

As you possibly can see, JSON.stringify() has transformed our JavaScript object right into a JSON string. We are able to then ship that string to the server through the .ajax() name.

Instance: Serializing Easy Information

Let’s check out a easy instance of serializing knowledge for an AJAX request utilizing jQuery. Suppose we’ve got a type in our HTML:

<type id="myForm">
    <enter kind="textual content" title="firstName" worth="John">
    <enter kind="textual content" title="lastName" worth="Doe">

We are able to serialize the shape knowledge to a JSON string utilizing jQuery’s serializeArray() perform mixed with JSON.stringify():

let formData = $('#myForm').serializeArray();
let jsonData = JSON.stringify(formData);


    kind: "POST",
    url: "/api/type",
    knowledge: jsonData,
    // ...

It will output:


You may discover that $('#myForm').serializeArray() creates an array of objects (title and worth pairs) for each enter subject within the type. Then, JSON.stringify() converts the array right into a JSON string. This string can now be despatched to a server utilizing an AJAX request.

Instance: Serializing Complicated Information

You’d assume that serializing advanced knowledge is not less than a bit extra intricate than easy knowledge, but it surely’s nonetheless fairly simple. Let’s take an instance of a JavaScript object that incorporates nested objects and arrays.

var complexData = {
    title: "John Doe",
    age: 30,
    automobiles: [
        { brand: "Ford", models: ["Fiesta", "Focus", "Mustang"] },
        { model: "BMW", fashions: ["320", "X3", "X5"] },
        { model: "Fiat", fashions: ["500", "Panda"] }

Similar to with easy knowledge, we will use JSON.stringify() to serialize this advanced knowledge.

var jsonString = JSON.stringify(complexData);

It will output a JSON string that represents the unique JavaScript object.

{"title":"John Doe","age":30,"automobiles":[{"brand":"Ford","models":["Fiesta","Focus","Mustang"]},{"model":"BMW","fashions":["320","X3","X5"]},{"model":"Fiat","fashions":["500","Panda"]}]}

In order you possibly can see, it is the identical course of as earlier than, not less than when it comes to doing the serialization. JSON.stringify can deal with nearly any JS object, even these with nested objects.

Frequent Points and Find out how to Repair Them

Whereas serializing to JSON in jQuery is mostly simple, you may encounter some points. Let’s talk about a few of the widespread ones and find out how to repair them.

Notice: These options aren’t exhaustive, and a few issues may require a deeper understanding of the particular context.

  1. Cyclic Object Worth Error: This error happens when there are round references in your knowledge. For instance, if an object’s property refers back to the object itself, you may encounter this problem. There are a number of methods to repair this, however a standard strategy is to make use of a replacer perform in JSON.stringify() that ignores the property that causes the issues.

  2. Information Loss: When serializing, some knowledge sorts, like features or undefined, are not preserved. If it is advisable keep these, it is best to think about using a library like json5 that helps undefined, NaN, optimistic/damaging infinity, and so on.

  3. Giant Information Units: Should you’re serializing massive knowledge units, you may run into efficiency points. In such instances, contemplate serializing and sending knowledge in chunks, or utilizing a streaming JSON encoder.

Superior Subjects in JSON Serialization

There are a number of superior matters in JSON serialization that may come in useful in sure conditions.

  1. Customized Serialization: You’ll be able to management how your objects are serialized by defining a toJSON() methodology in your object. This methodology ought to return a price that JSON.stringify() will serialize.

  2. Fairly Printing: To make your JSON output extra readable, you need to use the area argument in JSON.stringify(). This argument defines the variety of areas used for indentation.

var jsonString = JSON.stringify(myData, null, 2);
// {
//     "title": "John",
//     "age": 30,
//     "isActive": true,
//     "abilities": [
//       "Java",
//       "JavaScript"
//     ]
//   }
  1. Utilizing Replacer Perform: The replacer perform can be utilized to filter-out values earlier than serialization. This perform, if supplied, can be referred to as for every merchandise and can be utilized to rework the JSON string output.


On this Byte, we have lined find out how to serialize advanced knowledge to JSON in jQuery, some widespread points you may encounter and their options, and some superior matters in JSON serialization. Understanding these ideas will provide help to deal with knowledge extra successfully in your AJAX calls.

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