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When Are Songwriters Most Profitable? | by Lee Vaughan | Aug, 2023

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Let’s discover out with KDE plots

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A singer receiving a Grammy Award amid a flurry of confetti (created with the help of DALL-E2)

At what age are singer-songwriters most profitable? I questioned this the opposite day after I heard an outdated Stevie Marvel music. My impression was that, like mathematicians, singer-songwriters peak of their mid-late 20s. However what does the knowledge say?

On this Fast Success Knowledge Science challenge, we’ll use Python, pandas, and the Seaborn plotting library to analyze this query. We’ll take a look at the careers of 16 distinguished singer-songwriters with over 500 hits amongst them. We’ll additionally incorporate a sexy graphic referred to as the kernel density estimate plot into the evaluation.

To find out when songwriters are most profitable, we’ll want some tips. The plan is to look at:

  • Singer-songwriters together with those that work with co-writers.
  • Singer-songwriters with decades-long careers.
  • A various number of singer-songwriters and musical genres.
  • Singer-songwriters on the Billboard Scorching 100 chart.

The Scorching 100 is a weekly chart, revealed by Billboard journal, that ranks the best-performing songs in the USA. The rankings are primarily based on bodily and digital gross sales, radio play, and on-line streaming. We’ll use it as a constant and goal solution to choose success.

We’ll use songs written by the next extremely profitable artists:

I’ve recorded the age of every artist on the time of every of their hits and saved it as a CSV file saved on this Gist. If they’d a number of hits in the identical yr, their age entry was repeated for every hit. Right here’s a glimpse on the high of the file:

Cross-referencing this data is tedious (ChatGPT refused to do it!). Consequently, a couple of hits written by these artists however carried out by others might have been inadvertently excluded.

A kernel density estimate plot is a technique — just like a histogram — for visualizing the distribution of information factors. Whereas a histogram bins and counts observations, a KDE plot smooths the observations utilizing a Gaussian kernel. This…

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