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Import All Capabilities from a Python File

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Python, a high-level, interpreted programming language, is thought for its simplicity and readability. It offers numerous strategies to import modules and features.

This Byte will information you thru the method of importing all features from a Python file, a function that may be good to have in sure conditions.

Ought to we import this manner?

Python’s Zen, a set of 19 “guiding ideas”, contains the aphorism: “Specific is healthier than Implicit”. This implies that code must be clear and straightforward to know.

With regards to importing features, this tells us to import solely these features that we’d like, fairly than importing all the things. This helps to keep away from namespace air pollution and retains our code clear and readable.

Nonetheless, I will be the primary to confess that there may very well be conditions the place you may wish to import all features from a module, and Python offers methods to do this too. This may very well be, for instance, as a result of there are just too many features to moderately import one-by-one.

Accessing Capabilities as Attributes

In Python, you possibly can entry all features of a module by importing your entire module. That is carried out utilizing the import key phrase adopted by the module title. As soon as the module is imported, you possibly can then entry its features as attributes of the module. For instance:

import math

# Now we will entry all features of the mathematics module
print(math.sqrt(16))  # Output: 4.0

Within the above code, we imported the math module, after which accessed its sqrt operate as an attribute. It is a clear and express method of importing and utilizing features.

That is my most popular methodology as it’s extremely clear what bundle is offering the operate.

Importing All Capabilities

Whereas the specific methodology is really useful, Python additionally permits you to import all features from a module utilizing the from module import * syntax. This imports all features and makes them obtainable in your present namespace. Here is how you are able to do it:

from math import *

# Now we will straight use the sqrt operate
print(sqrt(16))  # Output: 4.0

Within the above code, we imported all features from the math module, after which straight used the sqrt operate.

Be aware: Whereas from module import * is a fast option to import all features, it is not really useful for big tasks as a result of danger of namespace air pollution and decreased readability. All the time contemplate the trade-off between comfort and code high quality.


Importing all features from a Python file in Python generally is a helpful approach when that you must use many or all features from a module. Nonetheless, it is vital to make use of this method sparingly, as it will probably result in points resembling namespace air pollution and unclear code.

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