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All the pieces Divided By 7 Million: In style Bitcoin Worth Heuristics Are Lacking The Mark

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That is an opinion editorial by Bitcoms, a Bitcoin-focused author and authorized accountant.

With mainstream monetary administration titans corresponding to BlackRock, Constancy and Vanguard all legitimizing BTC as a monetary asset by way of their curiosity in providing associated merchandise to purchasers, the “massive cash” worldwide could be poised to extend its publicity to bitcoin. These important buyers might not but see the liberating, world-improving, hard-money features of the expertise that I see, however they’re more likely to have an effect on bitcoin as a retailer of worth all the identical.

And, if something, I consider the possible worth impact of great quantities of capital being interested in bitcoin is underestimated by most Bitcoiners. It’s now frequent to explain bitcoin’s potential worth ceiling as “all the things divided by 21 million” — a reference to all saved worth divided by the whole potential provide of bitcoin. However, in my opinion, an affordable heuristic for predicting bitcoin’s worth is “all the things divided by 7 million” (the place “all the things” is the whole reallocated of capital to bitcoin, nevertheless excessive which may be). This implies, for instance, that bitcoin might hit $1 million with solely one-third of the redirected capital generally regarded as wanted.

To indicate why this can be a extra useful yardstick, I’ll broaden on some current methods of estimating newly-allocated capital’s impact on bitcoin’s worth, adjusting the outcomes for what I see as three essential however uncared for components.

Present Instruments For Predicting Bitcoin’s Worth

For an preliminary bitcoin worth projection, we’ll use two current instruments, each born of deep analysis and thorough evaluation: a framework proposed by Onramp COO Jesse Myers (also called Croesus) and a mannequin produced by Swan CIO Alpha Zeta.

For our instance situation, we’ll presume $20 trillion of funding capital flowing out of conventional property and into bitcoin (the particular quantity isn’t too necessary, as we’ll flex the numbers up and down later). For the sake of simplicity and comparability, our instance situation is timeframe agnostic (so, all figures are in in the present day’s {dollars}).

Myers’ framework, printed earlier this 12 months, posits a most potential bitcoin market capitalization of $200 trillion, estimated by capturing that quantity from his personal $900 trillion estimate of the whole of current store-of-value property and assuming bitcoin will seize some proportion of every class.


As indicated within the backside proper of the above desk, the framework suggests a most potential bitcoin seize of $200 trillion, resulting in an approximate bitcoin worth of $10 million ($200 trillion divided by about 20 million equals about $10 million per BTC.)

In his commentary, Myers means that “you’ll be able to run your individual numbers right here for the ‘Bitcoin seize’ column and see what you give you.” So, if we scale all the things down by an order of magnitude for our extra modest bitcoin seize of $20 trillion (roughly 2.2% of Myers’ $900 trillion “whole addressable market”), the identical arithmetic provides us an anticipated worth of about $1 million per BTC.

In the meantime, Alpha Zeta’s mannequin is a complicated, interactive device with a configurable set of enter parameters, which (with apologies to its creator) I crudely manipulated to approximate the values we used with Myers’ framework. As a result of the device permits just for spherical percentages, I modeled Bitcoin’s asset seize at solely 2% (not the roughly 2.2% used with Myers’ mannequin) of $900 trillion. This ends in precisely what I’d have anticipated: an identical, however barely decrease, BTC worth projection of round $900,000 per coin.


For the sake of coping with spherical numbers, let’s say that in capturing about $20 trillion in international funding capital, each instruments would recommend an anticipated bitcoin greenback worth of about $1 million. These instruments will not be solely logical, but in addition per one another. So, what would possibly they miss?

Ignored Issue One: Misplaced Bitcoin

Each instruments appear to base their worth predictions on a reallocated greenback worth divided by a tough whole variety of bitcoin in challenge (about 20 million). Nonetheless, this ignores the truth that some issued bitcoins are unavailable.

First, think about misplaced cash. The variety of bitcoin which were misplaced is not possible to quantify with precision, however it has been estimated at practically 4 million in a 2020 report by Chainalysis. Cane Island Digital’s 2020 report “There Will By no means Be Extra Than 14 Million Bitcoins” suggests a better variety of about 5.4 million misplaced cash. I sought a 3rd opinion from main on-chain analyst Checkmate for this text, who kindly shared an preliminary estimate of “round 3.942 million BTC.”

Utilizing a median of those three knowledge factors, we are able to justifiably posit that, of the 19.4 million bitcoin issued up to now, round 4.4 million are misplaced, leaving 15 million accessible by their house owners. That is considerably lower than the roughly 20 million usually utilized in bitcoin pricing fashions.

Ignored Issue Two: Hardcore HODLers

Second, think about what quantity of this accessible 15 million bitcoin would possibly by no means be offered for fiat. The obvious existence of “hardcore HODLers” — true believers who’re unwilling to promote at any worth — signifies that the overall aphorism that “everybody has their worth” might not essentially apply to Bitcoin.

Doubtlessly-useful analysis on this neglected issue is a Glassnode report from 2020, which concluded that “14.5 million BTC could be categorized as being illiquid.” This was constructed upon by Rational Root in his 2023 “HODL Mannequin,” which hypothesizes that by “2024, the illiquid provide… might be… 14.3 million bitcoin.” Subtracting our earlier estimate of 4.4 million misplaced cash from this whole illiquid provide determine (which incorporates misplaced bitcoin), these sources recommend that about 10 million of the roughly 15 million accessible bitcoin are on this “illiquid” class, i.e., their HODLers are unwilling to promote.

However quantifying what number of of these 10 million illiquid cash might be “hardcore HODL’d” by the diamond handed within the face of unprecedented bitcoin worth appreciation is admittedly past the bounds of study and firmly within the realms of conjecture. It appears completely rational to me to count on many current HODLers to half with a minimum of a portion of their stack if the fiat worth rises to new all-time highs. Recognizing that any “guesstimate” is extra wise than ignoring this phenomenon altogether, I’m going to suppose simply half of these 10 million illiquid bitcoin might be “hardcore HODL’d” as the worth goes up.

The Worth Impact Of Unavailable Cash

So, as soon as we’ve allowed for 4.4 million misplaced and 5 million “hardcore HODL’d” bitcoin, that leaves round 10 million cash obtainable for the $20 trillion of captured worth in our instance situation. $20 trillion divided by 10 million provides us a $2 million imply worth paid per BTC.

That imply of $2 million is double the valuation instruments’ unadjusted worth estimate of $1 million. So, for me, at this level an affordable heuristic for gauging the imply bitcoin worth is: “all the things divided by 10 million” (the place “all the things” is the whole fiat newly allotted to bitcoin, nevertheless a lot which may be).

Ignored Issue Three: Volatility

However $2 million is the imply worth in our instance situation, and the worth at any given time throughout bitcoin’s absorption of the $20 trillion might be considerably greater or decrease. So, we additionally have to predict the vary inside which the worth would possibly transfer.

Utilizing historical past as a information, we see that the dollar-BTC worth has change into much less unstable as bitcoin has grown up from toddler to a youngster, with the ratio of the key USD worth tops to subsequent bottoms shrinking as follows:

Presuming that this pattern towards decrease volatility continues, over the following few years we’d plausibly count on a high-to-low ratio of round three. In opposition to our instance situation’s longer-term shifting common worth of $2 million, that may translate to short-term lows of about $1 million and short-lived highs of about $3 million.

That top of $3 million is triple the valuation instruments’ unadjusted worth estimate of $1 million. So, for me, an affordable present heuristic for gauging the most worth is: “all the things divided by 7 million” (the place “all the things” is the whole fiat newly allotted to bitcoin, nevertheless a lot which may be).

Scaling The Instance State of affairs

Subsequent, we’ll regulate the quantity of latest capital being reallocated to bitcoin to create different situations, as follows:

Based mostly on this, for bitcoin’s worth to hit $1 million, reasonably than requiring the roughly $20 trillion reallocation of worldwide funding capital advised by the uncooked instruments, solely round one third of that quantity can be wanted.

Though modest-sounding within the context of worldwide wealth, such a reallocation would nonetheless contain important participation by massive, slow-moving and conservative swimming pools of capital. For my part, whereas that is potential over the medium- or long run, this appears unbelievable inside the subsequent few years with out seismic disruption in monetary markets (corresponding to a significant sovereign debt disaster, banking system collapse or persistently vertiginous inflation) accelerating the mandatory paradigm shift away from “fiat considering.”

Within the absence of such an occasion inside that point, I see one thing like the primary and most modest situation within the desk as extra possible, with non permanent highs within the low lots of of hundreds of {dollars} as “massive capital” slowly reallocates to bitcoin.

You might in fact have your individual opinion on an acceptable heuristic. However, having thought of the position of volatility and accounted for unavailable bitcoin (each misplaced and “hardcore HODL’d”), I believe “all the things divided by 7 million” is an affordable gauge for the possible peak worth affect of capital redirected to bitcoin. Whereas “all the things” right here is the whole of that capital — which might theoretically be as a lot as all of the saved worth on the earth — any credible guess at a future worth must be primarily based on a sensible stage of reallocation to bitcoin.

This can be a visitor publish by Bitcoms. Opinions expressed are completely their very own and don’t essentially mirror these of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Journal.

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