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A Information Scientist’s Information To Bettering Python Code High quality | by Egor Howell | Aug, 2023

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Instruments and packages to write down manufacturing worthy Python code

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These days, Information Scientists have gotten increasingly more concerned within the manufacturing aspect of deploying a machine studying mannequin. This implies we want to have the ability to write manufacturing customary Python code like our fellow software program engineers. On this article, I wish to go over a few of the key instruments and packages that may assist in creating production-worthy code in your subsequent mannequin.


Linters are a device that catches small bugs, formatting errors, and odd design patterns that may result in runtime issues and surprising outputs.

In Python, we have now PEP8 which thankfully offers us a worldwide fashion information to how our code ought to look. Quite a few linters exist in Python that adhere to PEP8, nevertheless my choice is flake8.


Flake8 is definitely a mixture of the Pyflakes, pycodestyle and McCabe linting packages. It checks for errors, code smells and enforces PEP8 requirements.

To put in flake8 pip set up flake8 and you need to use it by flake8 <>. It truly is that easy!

For instance, let’s say we have now the perform add_numbers in a file

def add_numbers(a,b):
consequence = a+ b
return consequence

print(add_numbers(5, 10))

To name flake8 on this file, we execute flake8 and the output appears like this:

Flake8 has picked up a number of styling errors that we must always appropriate to be consistent with PEP8.

See right here for extra details about flake8 and methods to customise it in your wants.


Linters typically simply inform you what’s improper together with your code however don’t actively repair it for you. Formatters do repair your code and assist expedite your workflow, guarantee your code adheres to fashion guides, and makes it extra readable for different folks.


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